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*   Signet Rings

Signet rings are custom rings with your own heraldry or other design carved into the stone of the ring, suitable for use with sealing wax. The carving is traditionally done in reverse of the actual coat-of-arms so that a wax seal shows the correct image. Shield, lozenge, square, round, and oval are all traditional shapes. Stones are generally about 20mm across, although larger and smaller sizes are available, depending on your desire. Stone choice, metals, complexity of design, text (name and/or motto), and designs on the band raise the price based on the material and time involved. Examples of stones include carnelian, bloodstone, amethyst, garnet, black jade, emerald, ruby, sapphire... I work with laboratory grown stones as well as natural stones, so many choices are available at reasonable prices. Material for the rings include Sterling Silver, 14Karat yellow or white gold, 18K yellow gold, and 22K yellow or white gold. Custom designs on the band include celtic interlace, elements from your design, or whatever else we can think of.


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